Pioneering the new age of product development

Pioneering the new age of product development

Pioneering the new age of product development

Meet the builders

A group of curious minds and harding working builders. We love making audacious bets and are motivated to bring the dreams to reality.

Chun Jiang

Co-founder, CEO

Product and Design at Uber, Scale AI, Unfolded (acq. by FSQ)

Ben Kramer

Co-founder, CTO

Engineering at SINAI Technologies, Uber ATG, Branding Brand

Taylor Brennan


Engineering at Upgrade, AppDirect, Branding Brand

Cole Hoffer

Machine Learning

Senior ML Engineer at, ML + Quantum Computing at MIT

Starting Monterey

There have been category-defining products like Mixpanel or Amplitude for product analytics. In contrast, mining statistical insights from qualitative users haven't been widely available until today, thanks to foundational models. We are determined to build an AI-first and design-focused analytics platform to empower every product team to turn user feedback into product insights.

Crafting tools that become a natural extension of your mindset..


AI doesn't need to be fancy - it helps you get things done in seconds.


Start with nailing the small details, then grow to the powerful side.


Backed by

Backed by the best investors who stay ahead of the curve.

Y Combinator

SOMA Capital

Pioneer Fund

Alumni Ventures

Sancus Ventures

Capital X

NKM Capital

Exceptional Capital

Guillermo Rauch

CEO, Vercel

Manik Gupta

VP, Microsoft | ex-CPO Uber

Holly Liu

Founder, Kabam | YC Visiting Partner

Lisha Li


Charles Bai

CTO, Paces

Roger Liu

Director of Machine Learning, Niantic

Siddharth Panigrahi

Head of Sales, Rill Data | VP Sales, FSQ

Shan He

Senior Director of Engineering, FSQ

Lisa Mahapatra

Principal Designer,


Fred Zhang

Serial Entrepreneur, Investor

Antonia San Martín

CEO, Plutto

Huey Kwik

Investor, Ex. Palantir

Yusuf Sherwani

CEO, Quit Genius

Ben Hsieh

(health)tech and writing

(health)tech and writing

Jeff Anders

Co-founder, Ambrook | ex Scale AI

Dean Shu

Head of Studio, Scale AI

Sarup Banskota

Founder | ex Vercel

Kae Huynh

Be enterprising

Andrew Liu

Stairwell, ex Scale AI

Guido Maliandi

Scale AI