Pages like these often trash competitors or promote a company’s own products without diving into the details.

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AI First Automation

Set up integrations once and let the feedback flow to you, auto-triaged, auto-categorized, and in real time.

Unreasonable Hospitality

We ensure client success: fast action on all requests and queries, along with ongoing education and knowledge sharing.

Intuitive and Fast

Snappy performance, intuitive interface, and tight integration with your current workflow — all to enhance the adoption of the software.

Switch to Canny, the Aha Ideas alternative, with free data migration
Switch to Canny, the Aha Ideas alternative, with free data migration

Switching from Current Platform to Monterey AI

Moving to us is both simple and cost-free. We're capable of transporting all your information from your current platform to Monterey AI in one day. Don't hesitate to contact us to kickstart your transition.

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Consumption First Pricing

Aha and Monterey AI both have multiple tiers for companies from startups to larger enterprises. However, Aha has a per-seat pricing model, with a complicated design of admin and contributor. Each contributor requires a paid seat. The costs can escalate swiftly if you include your entire team on Aha. Monterey AI wants to enable everyone in the company to leverage customer feedback to build the best customer intuition. Thus, the pricing structure of Monterey AI is feedback volume-based. You’ll have the possibility to arrange a call with our team and discuss customized options.


Monterey AI is a powerful, friendly, and AI-native solution that is built to put the most manual work - aggregate and triage user feedback - on autopilot, so product builders can spend most of their days analyzing, talking to users, and executing.

Regardless, we are excited to see more friends diving into the field of voices of customers, and please let us know if we can help with anything!

Happy building!

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