Deliver proactive retail experiences at scale

Deliver proactive retail experiences at scale

In today's dynamic retail environment, shoppers are driving a revolution with modern consumer expectations. Our solutions empower you to seamlessly adapt to ever-evolving behaviors, crafting personalized, multichannel experiences that meet customers wherever they are. With our proactive approach, your brand remains at the forefront of innovation, designing cohesive customer journeys that keep your brand ahead.


Drive loyalty with personalized, connected, and effortlessly convenient experiences

Drive loyalty with personalized, connected, and effortlessly convenient experiences

One platform to manage every experience. Get exactly what you need out of Monterey AI with a tailored set of solutions to cover what you need as you scale. Provide more human-centric experiences for happier customers and employees and positive business outcomes.

Customer Experience

Turn touchpoints into rich experiences

Monitor, analyze and improve customer satisfaction across multiple channels and identify opportunities to increase loyalty and revenue. Track the full customer journey rich insights into the key drivers of retention for every customer segment.
  • Understand the key emotional motivators and sentiments that drive customer behavior and make proactive moves to improve conversions.

  • Resolve problems and be responsive on every channel in real-time with close-loop capabilities to increase retention.

  • Target the right customer segments with a unique understanding of unified customer profiles to increase revenue with targeted offerings at the right time.

Employee Experience

Hear from your frontline and improve engagements organization-wide

Measure, track and enhance employee engagements, hearing from every employee across your organization. Survey your employees, and make improvements that impact your customers in the moment and over time.
  • Scale your efforts across multiple stores, geographies, websites, messaging apps, social media and many more.

  • Take action where it matters with improvement tracking accessible to any employee that you give access to for daily improvements that add up.

  • Track the impact of your improvements to customer experiences.

Product & Marketing Experience

Know the right products, places, prices and promotion

Make the right decisions backing your actions with real customer data. Target the right segments on the channels they’re on — from one platform.
  • Real-time feedback, engaging customers on any channel — in-store, online, email, SMS, social media and many (many) more.

  • Spot trends and patterns automatically with detailed analysis that’s always running in the background to show you the key insights, asap.

  • Product and Marketing heaven. Conduct product research at scale, managing your own panel of testers with automated feedback and contact.

Brand Experience

Build brand edge and market share

Truly understand your market, customers and competitors and spot opportunities to build your brand. From performance tracking to customer segmentation, you have all the tools to keep your brand ahead.
  • Detail analytics at your fingertips. Extract actionable insights in a single click.

  • Track your brand performance over time, how it shapes up to competitors, and identify threats before the rest.

  • Experiment with in-store and online advertisements before you go live.

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