Deliver proactive healthcare experiences at scale

Deliver proactive healthcare experiences at scale

Technology, regulations, and evolving patient needs are transforming healthcare. Transform service experiences across care journeys, processes, and teams, for better care and happier patients, members, and teams.

Our performance with some of the world's biggest healthcare brands


Shift to digital channels


Increase in NPS


Estimated cost reduction

Healthcare Providers

Gain a deep understanding of the individual behind each interaction using multichannel listening

Access a secure, and adaptable platform for seamless collaboration and surpassing your patient experience objectives

Provide caregivers and frontline staff with comprehensive situational awareness, empowering them to deliver exceptional care and reignite their sense of purpose

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Marketplace, Insurance, and HealthTech

Gain insight into the complete member journey, fostering empathy and scalability

Identify potential points of friction ahead of time and utilize actionable insights to enhance satisfaction, retention, and share of wallet

Utilize AI-powered solutions to predict member preferences and automate processes, enabling personalization for faster, more efficient experiences

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Life Sciences and Health Brands

Use immediate, actionable insights into the experiences of professionals, patients, and colleagues at every interaction point. Identify gaps in experience and take corrective actions to enhance business outcomes.

Leverage feedback from stakeholders to inform and expedite the development and commercialization process, optimizing your product roadmap, perception, and evolution from inception onwards.

Comprehend and respond to customer sentiment at key stages of the journey, spanning sciences, sales, self-service, activation, adherence, and advocacy.

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Deliver proactive healthcare experiences — safe, secure and at scale

One platform to manage every experience. Get exactly what you need out of Monterey AI with a tailored set of solutions to cover what you need as you scale. Provide more human-centric experiences for your patients and employees you serve, all while meeting regulatory requirements.


Hear the ones you serve at any moment of their care journeys

Real-time feedback, engaging customers on any channel — in-store, online, email, SMS, support tickets, survey, social media and many more. Conduct research at scale, managing your own panel of testers with automated feedback and points of contact.


Understand underlying conditions and dynamics impacting healthcare

Truly understand your market, members, organization and competitors, and spot opportunities to create experiences that don't go unrecognized. Detail analytics at your fingertips. Extract actionable insights in a single click.

Immediate Action

Relieve immediate and preemptive points of friction

Understand the key emotional motivators and sentiments that drive behaviors, and make the right proactive moves to prevent negative experiences. Resolve problems in the moment and be responsive on every channel with close-loop capabilities. Personalize experiences at scale, with a unique understanding of unified member profiles to increase satisfaction and trust.

Long Term Planning

Future-proof your success with connected insights and measurable impact

Make the right decisions, early, backing your actions with accurate, comprehensive member and service data.

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Get connected with Monterey AI

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