Continuously track key metrics and LTV drivers

Continuously track key metrics and LTV drivers

Gain a comprehensive view of your customers' experience through key metrics like NPS, CSAT, review scores, and sentiment distribution. With real-time data insights you can iterate and delight customers easier.

Get precise, multi-level and real-time data delivered

Compare different metrics, data types or time periods, and use graphs to visualize your data. Track everything from high-level trends to granular differences between relevant channels.

Discover NPS drivers and opportunities early

Find factors influencing your NPS to swiftly identify emerging trends. This analysis will shed light on the reasons behind fluctuations in your NPS score, allowing you to delve deeper into distinct themes and root causes.

Forecast accurately with custom weighted factors

Forecast revenues and cash flow with a system you can rely on instead of shooting in the dark. Find and compare financial impacts of actions based on customer feedback and the sales stages that require the most attention from the relevant teams.

Export and report data

Create reports and export data to PDF or PNG formats ready for presentation. Distribute insights among your team on a personalized cadence to empower teams across your organization.

All-in-One Platform

Scale with confidence, not guesswork.

Align decision-making with the insights that point development in the right direction.

Get started easily with our intuitive interface.

Import and analyse feedback from 1,500+ sources.

Share insights by connecting Slack, Jira, Teams and more with unlimited seats for every-team access.

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Monterey AI has transformed how we understand our users needs and more importantly, act on them.

Brandon Stritmatter



Monterey brings indispensable analytics to the forefront for product managers, improving product / market fit.

Dan Grace

VP Head of Entertainment AI


Monterey presents a significant opportunity for us to determine where to allocate our resources, improving our productivity.

Bill Ballew

Chief Technology Officer


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