Customer Stories

How does InWorld reduce CS costs by leveraging user feedback?

Aggregate Support and Community

Saved time in triaging user feedback to product areas by 90%

Accelerated Analysis

Sped up data analysis for users across product, UX research, and engineering.

Reduce Support Costs with Product

Reduced support tickets by investing in product quality and product education.


Located in San Francisco, Inworld AI started as a platform focused on creating immersive, artificial intelligence-driven characters for digital environments. Inworld AI aims to make sophisticated virtual interactions accessible to all, expanding its appeal to developers, storytellers, and creators across various sectors. In 2023, Inworld AI has raised 100M in funding, and serving customers like xBox and Disney. In 2023 summer, Inworld AI started investing in the developer market.

As Head of DevRel at InworldAI, Russell Sng's role is to work with Chief Product Officer Kylan Gibbs to make sure the pipeline of user feedback is built and scaled constantly so that the CX, product, engineering, and design teams can have a strong muscle to drive insights from customer feedback.

"When we think of customer service, we don't think of it as a chat interface to answer questions. Instead, we look hard into user feedback to improve the customer experience from product / platform improvement perspective. "

Testing and rolling out Monterey AI

Chief Product Officer Kylan Gibbs initially introduced Monterey AI to Russell Sng as an efficient tool designed to swiftly compile and summarize the plethora of discussions happening on Discord, aiming to provide clarity and actionable insights. Russell expanded its application, integrating Monterey AI with a variety of data sources. This ranged from parsing support tickets received via email, gathering one-off feedback, streamlining the bug reporting process for engineers, to collating internal suggestions from the sales department.

To facilitate its adoption, Russell provided the team with easy-to-understand training materials and guides on how to leverage Monterey AI. Thanks to its intuitive design, various departments including user research, product development, marketing, sales, and engineering were able to seamlessly incorporate it into their respective operations and workflows.

This implementation led to a dramatic 90% reduction in the time spent on triaging, which translates to a savings of six hours each week. The team has moved away from the laborious task of manually sifting through conversations to identify areas for customer experience enhancement. Now, meetings are fully dedicated to collaboratively tackling intriguing problems, significantly boosting productivity and team morale.

An example of how Themes Report surfaces top actionable trends Inworld AI

The biggest leverage in reducing customer support costs is to invest in product quality and product education

Using AI to reduce customer support costs is the biggest initiative among a lot of companies. There is no one-size-fits-all solution that every team follows, but teams would realize the best solution to reduce the cost in the CS department is to push for product improvement.

"Streaming support operations and democratizing product insights. That's the key to scale customer support."

InWorld AI is a bit atypical in terms of GTM and product expansion. We start with partnering and collaborating with enterprises like Disney and XBox, and then started exploring building product packages that serve developers. During our exploration phase, the first thing we do was start a Discord community; and then form product opportubity areas within each.

As work progresses, Russell started exploring ways to make the insights as the default step for product planning. He initiates the opportunities with product and user research teams, using Monterey AI as a detailed record of customer artifacts, to find the evidence to support the ideas, and most importantly, find the right cohort of users to do follow-up interviews.

One of the reasons why support operations at InWorld AI is so successful is Russell is the organizer of voices of customers instead of the gatekeeper. Using the "Ask Monty" functionality provided by Monterey AI, everyone in the company is able to interact with the data in the easiest way. Questions that have been asked include: "Top pain points on the onboarding experience from users in the San Francisco area in Q3 2022", or "What is the connected account value that we can unlock if solving the issues".

Finally, the crucial step of effectively communicating feature deliveries is frequently overlooked. When introducing new changes, it's essential to visit Monterey AI and identify individuals who have previously requested similar features, then craft personalized emails for communication purposes (using AI again, of course).

An example of how Ask Monty answers the question "Where on the platform do users seem most confused?"

The Next Frontier: Democratizing Developer / Customer Operations Further with AI

The first time Russell met ChatGPT, he knew that the world of developer operations was about to change forever. With Monterey AI's Ask Monty feature, DevRel lead like Russell no longer needs to spend hours manually poring over data or creating reports tailored to specific audiences. It has helped team members across departments to dive into data with unprecedented passion and accuracy, opening up new possibilities for developers to improve their workflows and streamline their processes. It's exciting to see how AI is transforming the role of developers and paving the way for new, more efficient approaches to data analysis.

 "Monterey AI is helping us identify user requests, bug reports, and feedback in a holistic, structured, and most importantly, scalable way!"

What’s the future for Inworld AI? They persist in their mission to democratize design and foster creative potential in everyone. Concurrently, Russell is relentlessly striving to make customer feedback available to all in the company. Together with InWorld and Russell exploring uncharted domains, they anticipate an unprecedented surge in growth, with Monterey AI bolstering and expanding in unison with them.