Monterey AI 2.0 - AI Native User Insights Platform

Apr 29, 2024

One and half year ago, we launched Monterey AI 1.0 - Copilot for Product Insights. Since then, we have grown the product to a new level, with amazing customers from startups to enterprises, and with our awesome team. We are super excited to share the progress and launch Monterey AI 2.0 on ProductHunt today with everyone!


Reporting and analytics are not the first class citizens to all customer support, sales, community forums, engineering tickets, and social media platforms. This fragmented view lacks the connective intelligence to derive strategic value for the business. To truly unlock AI's potential, organizations must first become data-native - seamlessly aggregating disparate data sources into a unified, contextualized dataset. Monterey AI puts native integration at its core, connecting with thousands of data sources, and provides you the best experience onboarding organization's data.

Copilot + Education

With a consolidated data foundation, AI can serve as a seamless copilot - continuously synthesizing insights from vast datasets and proactively surfacing relevant information to stakeholders. This supportive intelligence augments human decision-making across roles from customer-facing teams to product managers. Additionally, the AI can deliver dynamic training, coaching employees on emerging product issues, customer sentiment, and market shifts.

Automation + Prediction

Beyond assistance, AI can automate routine tasks like ticket routing/resolution and autonomously identify emerging issues. Predictive capabilities can forecast product demand, churn risks, support volume spikes and more. This frees personnel to focus on higher-value activities while ensuring the organization proactively addresses customer needs.

Organizational Change

Realizing AI's transformative impact requires evolving operations, processes, and culture to a data-centric model. IT, security, compliance, and change management all have critical roles in building a resilient AI/data backbone. Workforce skills must also evolve through ongoing training and hiring. Pioneering a truly AI-native enterprise is an ambitious journey - but yields immense competitive advantages.

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