Introducing Monterey AI 1.0 - Copilot for Product Insights

Apr 27, 2023


Introducing Monterey 1.0

We are thrilled to announce Monterey's public launch: the copilot that analyzes millions of user voices in seconds. Monterey aggregates user feedback, reviews, bug reports, and support tickets from various social media, CRM, and community channels, then clusters common themes with trends, and provides recommendations to supercharge your product development process.

As we enter a new era of generative AI, active and in-context user feedback are the most valuable data assets in enhancing your company's product and service. Monterey unlocks its potential, allowing you and your team to ideate and iterate your product with unparalleled accuracy and agility.

Leveraging GPT to solve today’s pain

Today, analyzing user feedback is slow, tedious, and constrained. You manually gather data from different sources, trying to connect it all together. Then you come up with ad-hoc reports and charts which you manually distribute to your teams.

Traditional NLP allows you to drive sentiment analysis and apply tags, but it is far from what the future holds, and what is possible with large language models. One-off AI tools or horizontal platforms like Excel can hardly get adopted - they don’t fit into the team’s workflow or can’t scale with and easily connect to your large-scale datasets.

Monterey streamlines the process of aggregating, analyzing, and acting on data. Tasks that used to take days can now be completed in seconds. Previously static charts are replaced by a smart kaleidoscope that allows you to zoom in and out themes and individual data points continuously. One step further, Monterey seamlessly integrates with engineering tickets, roadmaps, and other tools. This allows you to focus on making informed decisions without getting bogged down in time-consuming, manual tasks.

Pioneering the future of AI native product development

I recall being in the Uber office five years ago, looking at spreadsheets, google docs, and Figma files, trying to understand and build what users want. I told my colleague many of these could be enhanced and abstracted by AI. Now, as I work on building Monterey, I'm highly motivated to realize that vision with the best team in the world.

Our vision is to become the backbone of generative AI, empowering every company to build products with confidence and speed like never before. Product development has been forever changed, and we are aiming to give superpowers to every step of product development, making it iterative, delightful, and powerful.

We are looking forward to seeing you on the platform, and pioneer the future together.

Chun, Co-founder