Humans of AI Podcast: Pursuing Design in AI

Jul 28, 2023

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Episode Overview

Chun Jiang's journey to founding Monterey AI is quite impressive, blending her background in urban design and architecture with the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence. Her experience spans a diverse range of applications, from self-driving cars to geospatial data platforms, demonstrating her ability to apply AI in various contexts.

  1. Urban Design and Architecture Background: Chun's foundation in urban design and architecture likely provided her with a unique perspective on how AI can be used to solve complex spatial and design problems. This background would be particularly beneficial in areas like city planning, building design, and understanding human interactions with space.

  2. Transition to AI: Moving from a traditional field like architecture to a tech-driven field like AI indicates Chun's adaptability and willingness to embrace new technologies. This transition might have involved acquiring new skills in data science, machine learning, and programming.

  3. Work in Self-Driving Cars: Chun's involvement in self-driving car technology suggests a focus on AI applications in mobility and transportation. This area requires a deep understanding of AI, including machine learning, sensor fusion, and real-time decision-making systems.

  4. Geospatial Data Platforms: Her work on geospatial data platforms indicates an interest in how AI can manage and interpret large sets of spatial data. This experience is valuable for applications like urban planning, environmental monitoring, and location-based services.

  5. Monterey AI and Product Insights: With Monterey AI, Chun seems to be channeling her diverse experience into a platform that provides AI-driven insights for products. This could mean using AI to analyze market trends, customer feedback, or product performance, helping businesses make informed decisions.

Chun's journey showcases a blend of design thinking and technical expertise, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of AI and its vast potential in various industries.

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