Customer Service Trends 2024: Insights from Intercom Webinar

Mar 22, 2024

In a recent webinar hosted by Intercom, "Customer Service Trends 2024," key insights were shared on the evolving landscape of customer service in the era of AI. Led by Matt Dale, Founder of Moxie CX, the webinar focused on the top five trends and AI shaping customer service in 2024. The panelists, including Allie Talavera, CX Program Manager at AppFolio, Jared Brier, Founder and Co-CEO at AKKO, and Bobby Stapleton, Director of Human Support at Intercom, shared their expertise and experiences in navigating the changing customer service landscape.

Insights from Customer Service Trends 2024

One of the prominent trends discussed was the increasing customer expectations driven by AI advancements. Customers now demand faster and more efficient service, pushing companies to leverage AI to meet these heightened expectations. Allie emphasized the importance of strategically implementing AI, starting with lower complexity tasks and gradually scaling up to more intricate issues.

The panelists highlighted the evolving role of AI in support jobs, emphasizing that AI is primarily aimed at automating monotonous and repetitive tasks to enhance efficiency. Jared shared insights on leveraging AI to provide technical assistance and enhance customer experience within device insurance.

The discussion also touched upon the need for support teams to reevaluate their tech stacks to align with AI capabilities. Allie emphasized the importance of cohesive tools that streamline customer journeys and internal workflows. Bobby highlighted the significance of evolving metrics in an AI-first world, focusing on metrics like CSAT and self-serve rates to gauge success effectively.

In exploring different ways AI is utilized beyond chatbot responses, Bobby discussed how AI is automating summary generation and streamlining workflows within their support team. Jared shared insights on leveraging AI co-pilot features to enhance investigation processes and surface relevant information efficiently.

“We use a couple of those tools as well in internally, and they're already compatible to integrate directly with Intercom. So if you're using Intercom, it's like five minutes to get set up, integrate Intercom, of the ones we use is called Monterey AI— Monterey, like the city in California. Another one's called Zeta as well. And so both of those in terms of exactly saving that time for your seem, it just immediately aggregates every single conversation in Intercom for you and picks out those kind of product insights and QA insights as well that you can action off of.”

As companies navigate the AI-driven customer service landscape, collaborative efforts and iterative mindsets are essential for successful implementation. By harnessing AI to automate tasks, enhance customer experiences, and streamline internal processes, support teams can adapt to meet evolving customer expectations effectively.

The AI for teams to leverage

Detailed by the panelists, a modern, AI-powered customer service platform combines the best of all worlds:

  • Channel agnostic

  • Integrated customer data

  • Workflows and automation

  • Knowledge base and content management capabilities

Throughout the Customer Service Trends 2024 webinar, the leaders in customer service highlighted AI platforms that their teams have successfully leveraged to achieve their goals going into 2024.

Klaus: Customer Service Quality Management

Klaus provides an AI-driven solution that enables users to identify and rectify service gaps efficiently. By automating Quality Assurance (QA) processes, Klaus ensures 100% coverage across agents, BPOs, channels, and languages. The ultimate goal is to cultivate lasting customer relationships while enhancing service quality.

Monterey AI: Copilot for Product Insights

Monterey AI provides an AI-powered listening engine that extracts valuable product insights by analyzing extensive qualitative and quantitative data from over 1,500 connected sources. With comprehensive closed-loop capabilities, Monterey streamlines data processes throughout the product development lifecycle. This empowers cross-functional teams, from product and engineering to operations, marketing, and sales, to drive success with a consumer-centric focus.

Zeta: AI-Powered Marketing Cloud

Zeta is a leading Marketing Platform offering innovative data-driven solutions for businesses. With Zeta Opportunity Engine (ZOE), powered by AI, companies can unlock new levels of creativity, automation, optimization, and forecasting. ZOE paves the way for groundbreaking customer experiences, empowering businesses to achieve bold strategies and superior outcomes.

Intercom: AI Customer Service

Fully integrated and omnichannel, Intercom is a complete AI customer service solution that delivers faster, more personalized support at scale. In one place, Intercom combines an AI chatbot, help desk and active support for customer support teams to maximize their productivity.

Loops: Growth Analytics

Loops is a no-code product analytics solution that uses AI and causal inference models to surface actionable insights tailored to your product KPIs, helping you focus on what drives product growth.

In conclusion, the webinar shed light on the transformative impact of AI on customer service trends in 2024. By embracing AI strategically and leveraging its capabilities across various facets of customer support, companies can stay ahead of the curve and deliver exceptional service experiences in an increasingly AI-driven world.