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How Vercel uses Monterey to automate its iterative product development processes and drive its growth

How Vercel uses Monterey to automate its iterative product development processes and drive its growth


Vercel's frontend cloud gives developers frameworks, workflows, and infrastructure to build a faster, more personalized web.


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$2.5b (Series D)

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Multi data source sync

Intelligent business processing

Automated triage workflows

All organization teams access

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Vercel’s traditional product insights tools of —, —, and — hindered their ability to grow and scale, causing bottlenecks and data visibility issues.


Use Monterey to centralize issues and feedback, automating alerts for teams in the ticketing systems and other tools they use to drive efficiency, internal productivity and support their growth.


✓ Saved time in triaging user feedback to product areas by 90%

✓ Sped up data analysis for users across product, UX research, and engineering.

✓ Gathered a group of enthusiasts for fostering customer insight within the organization.

Vercel's story

In today's fast-paced digital world, the success of a website hinges on its ability to load quickly and provide a personalized experience to users across the globe. Vercel recognized the challenges in delivering both performance and personalization seamlessly, as traditional methods often fell short in meeting these demands. With users gravitating towards brands that understand and cater to their needs, the importance of offering a unique and tailored experience cannot be overstated.

Enter Vercel, a frontend cloud platform designed to empower developers with the tools needed to achieve unparalleled speed and scalability. By leveraging Vercel's innovative solutions, businesses can unlock their full potential for organic growth and enhance user engagement. In a landscape saturated with generic digital experiences, standing out through personalized and customizable interactions has become a key differentiator for companies looking to leave a lasting impression on their audience.

While speed and discoverability are crucial components of a successful website, true customer loyalty is often cultivated through deep personalization. Vercel's Frontend Cloud bridges the gap between speed and customization, offering developers the ability to seamlessly integrate dynamic user data without compromising performance. By marrying lightning fast loading times with tailored experiences, Vercel equips businesses with a competitive edge in a crowded market, ensuring that their applications not only attract but also retain a loyal user base.

Struggling with broken product and customer insights systems

Like many fast-track late-stage startups, Vercel found that they could no longer hold off on adopting an intelligent product insights and analytics platform because of the complexity and data structuring typically associated with traditional product insights platforms.

“Finding and then setting up a product analytics platform, especially at our scale, is usually a huge ordeal. It’s a really big buying decision and you get locked in,” says Mariano. “Making them work for your business in a way that drives growth is very difficult. We knew we had to get an intelligent product insights and analysis platform at some point, but we really wanted to push that out for as long as we possibly could.”

Vercel instead integrated a variety of tools together, including —, — and —, to collect their data. This worked initially, but like all stitched together systems it was time exhausting, manual, and incredibly hard to scale. Ensuring that the data stored in each of the different tools was correct and consistent was an increasingly large burden for the team.

“Our biggest challenge by far was making sure that both the quantitative and qualitative data was up-to-date and consistent across all of our tools,” says Mariano. “What were our people saying? How are each of our existing and newly launched features impacting our performance? What issues do we have and who does what first? We went to — to use the — and manually —. That took hours of our product team’s time.”

The surging volume of data compilation tasks was soon taking up several hours of a day. This threatened the team’s productivity and scaling potential, leading Vercel to urgently search for an intelligent product insights and analytics solution.

The Monterey moment

Although the need for a smart product insights platform was evident, Mariano was eager to avoid the rigid structure of traditional product analytics platforms like, competitor#1.

“It was important for us to find something that wasn’t competitor#1. That’s because —. So I was trying to find a solution that fit everything we wanted and nothing we didn’t.”

Vercel also quickly ruled out competitor#2, because it wasn’t possible to easily implement —. As one of the most advanced and fastest-growing platforms for deploying applications, the traditional product analytics platforms with caps on smart capabilities just wasn’t enough.

“— offered a lot of features, but it’s —.”

So when Mariano finally found Monterey, she was delighted to see a lightweight and secure AI-powered product insights platform that she could build out precisely the way she and her team wanted.

Mariano was instantly impressed by the power and flexibility of Monterey, and particularly the power of its listening engine to intelligent filtering. “The fact that you know you’re not missing a thing feels good. With Monterey you get the flexibility of custom workflows but the power of complete data collection — quantitative and qualitative — and intelligent analysis with the combination of both data types.”

She was also impressed with how easy it was to use Monterey to bring Vercel’s setup right into Monterey.

“It was perfect timing because we were just entering the zone of outgrowing our current system, and I think Monterey has all the things we liked about them, but with much more power since it has the true features of an advanced AI product insights platform.”

How Vercel uses Monterey

Today, Monterey is integral to Vercel’s entire continuous product development process. Using custom workflows, Vercel has configured Monterey around both quantitative and qualitative data. Paired with the automation capabilities, serving as the cornerstone of Vercel’s ever-evolving development.

Routing issues and feedback to one place with custom triage workflows

Before finding Monterey, Vercel was spending multiple hours a day manually collecting and organizing every single issue and piece of data. Thanks to the data source connection, Vercel now automates all of these processes. This reassures the team that nothing falls through the cracks between different data sources and channels by routing them to one place that sends them automatic reminders when an issue needs to be resolved.

Vercel has also been particularly innovative in automating their —, building a workflow designed to —.

The impact of automating these tasks on Monterey has been vast. “We’ve saved 90% of the product team time using Monterey automations,” said Mariano. “It’s helped us scale tremendously and clear a huge chunk of time off the product team.”

Since moving to Monterey, Vercel has also lessened the burden on the engineering team to support admin functionality. Monterey empowers the product team to create their own views and workflows in a quick and intuitive way without having to wait for engineering.

“Attio’s view capabilities are incredibly powerful. We can analyze the data in so many ways,” says Mariano.

Automated, real-time updates to keep them on the same page

Vercel also integrates automations with Slack to ensure that the entire Vercel Team is on the same page, sending real-time notifications for a vast range of use cases.

“Slack is such an important tool for us day-to-day, so being able to sync our combined product and customer insights and Slack together has made a big impact. We’re all kept in the loop in real time as things happen.”

Vercel has also automated Slack notifications for when — reports, getting —. These frequent updates ensure that everyone in Vercel understands the current development, maximizing the efficiency of collaboration between different teams.

Scaling up alongside Monterey

Mariano believes that “a tool like Monterey is so important for an organization at any stage because it allows you to build and iterate your product from the ground up really quickly, and confidently.”

For Vercel, Monterey has quickly become an integral tool in their stack to drive and support their goals to scale. In a short time, Vercel has already gone from relying on a manual data compilation and analysis processes to running a powerful, intelligent product insights and analytics platform that serves as the backbone for all their iterative product development processes.

“We know that Monterey is going to grow with us. It’s such a significant strategic platform for us, our growth and our ability to scale, structuring all of our data. Also, the support is top-notch. We get replies from the Monterey team incredibly fast, which you don’t often see.”

Monterey has also received a flood of positive feedback from the team. “Everyone on the product side has seen such a big boost, and so have the engineers, since they can focus on building our product. We’re excited to see how Vercel and Monterey grow together in the years to come.”

Mariano Fernandez Cocirio

Mariano Fernandez Cocirio

Product Manager

Product Manager